Restoration of a Legacy. Swift Boats and Their Sailors.

$ 12.95

Vol. 50: 1 & 2 
Winter/Spring 2014 issue of Mains’l Haul is presented in book form

While presenting the condensed history of the Vietnam-era Swift Boats, Restoration of a Legacy is about the personal stories - some tragic, some heroic and some peering over the edge into darkness - of the men who fought in them, and the twists and turns of one Swift Boat's journey home. Legacy assures us that the Swift Boats and their Sailors will not be forgotten.

Legacy is about men who fought in the closest confines imaginable, along the coast and upriver in Vietnam. The river narrows to thirty feet; it's flanked by dense foliage; life narrows to the sound of the metal flaps tapping against the exhaust pipes and the soundless communication between skipper and crew. The enemy is on both banks of the river. This is a story of men who survived in the most gruesome face-to-face combat since the Civil War, on a small and vulnerable boat.

Ultimately, it is a story of courage, honesty, disillusionment, brutality, fear, irony, survival, love and the ultimate sacrifice.

It is sealed in our memory and it is our legacy.

Dedication: To the Swift Boat Sailors, and to all those who served in Vietnam, to those who returned to an unwelcoming homeland, and to those who did not return.

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