Mains'l Haul - Maritime Technology Innovation in the Pacific: Past, Present and Future.

$ 15.95

Vol. 48: 3 & 4
Summer/Fall 2012

The Maritime Museum of San Diego and The Maritime Alliance have collaborated on an unprecedented maritime technology publication, utilizing the Museum’s widely distributed Maritime History Journal (published since 1964).

Dr. Ray Ashley introduces the historical importance of maritime technology to every leading nation throughout human history. Four prominent Pacific Oceanographic Institutions (Scripps Institution of Oceanography, SSC Pacific/USN, Oregon State University and the University of Hawaii) present their respective institutions’ history and maritime technological innovations they have spearheaded that have had national and international impact.

San Diego’s Marine Technology Industry is highlighted and, in summation, The Maritime Alliance tracks maritime technology cluster development and the importance of promoting Blue Tech and Blue Jobs, both nationally and internationally. This issue is designed to put forth the case for the importance of maritime technology development – past, present and future – for the U.S. and for mankind.

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