Mains'l Haul - Shipwrecks and Castaways

$ 12.95

Vol. 42: 4
Fall 2006

The Fall 2006 issue of Mains'l Haul approaches the vast genre of Shipwrecks and Castaways literature from the select perspectives of Harvard Professor John R. Stilgoe and New Zealand author Joan Druett. While Stilgoe poses the question of what might happen to women in shipwreck circumstances; Druett adroitly answers with eight vignettes of women who happened into dire straits in the mid-nineteenth century. Maritime historian, author and photographer Norman Brouwer, brings into sharp focus via his photographic essays, the harsh realties of famous shipwrecks (Otago, once captained by Joseph Conrad and the research vessel Galilee) and lesser known ships, who foundered and were lost along the Pacific Rim. Through the unique watercolor mosaics of Galen Wolf, readers view three shipwrecks from Wolf's previously unpublished Legends of the Coastland, as interpreted by Dr. JoAnn Semones of Half Moon Bay, California.

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