Mains'l Haul - The Historic Voyage of the San Salvador

$ 15.95

Vol. 45: 1 & 2
Winter/Spring 2009

Features an extraordinary collection of articles from scholars of Spanish History and from Living History educators. The Historic Voyage of the San Salvador provides an in depth look not only at the first European ship to lead a small fleet along our western coastline in 1542, but it places the epic voyage in the context of world history, and profiles the man who led the voyage Into the Unknown, Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo.

While questions are raised and resolved, inquiry and research abound in this remarkable reconstruction of the first European ship to sail along our Pacific coastline and offshore islands, and to make contact with its native populace. Integral to our history, central to our education and the caretaker of our inspiration; Juan Rodrígues Cabrillo's San Salvador has long awaited its reconstruction both in history and in the modern world. Now in print and soon to be sailing our Pacific waters, we present the San Salvador and a sixteenth-century journey that helps define who we are and what our cultural legacy is today.

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