Mains'l Haul - Treasures from the Lost Galleon

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Vol. 46: 1 & 2
Winter/Spring 2010

In consort with the exhibit, Treasures from the Lost Galleon, San Felipe, 1573-1576, on board the Star of India until November 2010; the Winter/Spring 2010 issue of Mains'l Haul adds depth to the display of exceptional porcelain and beeswax samples from the Manila galleon shipwreck. After eight research expeditions to the remote shipwreck site in Baja California over a ten-year period, with nearly 1,300 sherds of ornate Oriental designs catalogued and categorized into 103 design types, the author and Project Organizer, Edward Von der Porten recounts the voyage of the San Felipe, and attempts to reconstruct the shipwreck and subsequent scattering of the ship's cargo over miles of coastline. Most fascinating of all are the discoveries and research methods employed to verify the ship's identity and its 16th century cargo.

With a mix of maritime history, sound archaeological research, with the added spice of a shipwreck mystery, and illustrated by the striking paintings of Gordon Miller; Treasures from the Lost Galleon is an engaging and enlightening read.

24 pages/ full color

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