San Salvador – Cabrillo's Galleon of Discovery

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Winter/Spring 2012 issue of Mains’l Haul is presented in book form:
Authored by Bruce Linder, (Capt. USN, Ret.), and overseen by the Museum’s Editorial Board.

This 108-page book offers the clearest interpretation yet presented of Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo’s historic voyage along the California coastline and Channel Islands. As the first European ship to sail into San Diego Bay, what better place to build the ship than in San Diego, at Spanish Landing, along North Harbor Drive. As the construction of the 16th-century Ship of Discovery progresses, the book offers the necessary insight into the history of the ship, why it first came to San Diego, and how the ship has evolved over the centuries to become the iconic image that represents California and its diversity. From being placed on Government seals, to highway and street names, libraries, schools, and a multitude of other iconic motifs; San Salvador – Cabrillo’s Galleon of Discovery defines our identity and challenges long-held views of Atlantic-centric discoveries.

The book also serves as an educational tool for teachers immersed in 4th and 5th grade curriculum studies of this period. Accompanying the book are instructions on downloading a paper ship model of the San Salvador for hands-on learning.

While pondering the immense influence the Spanish Galleon San Salvador had on the Pacific Coast, you can build your own ship!