Mains'l Haul - A Century of Submarines in San Diego

$ 15.99

Vol. 50: 3 & 4
Summer/Fall 2014

A Century of Submarines in San Diego spans the early 1900s to 2014, capturing a little known but important part of naval history. From the earliest submarines that entered San Diego Bay in 1910, to the modern-day nuclear submarines that move almost imperceptibly in and out of the Bay, the articles present the evolution of submarine research, design and technology, as submarine development adapted to every historical period.

A list of “Submarine Firsts in San Diego” will surprise even the most well read naval historian. A thorough Timeline, with a graphic overview of a Century of Submarines in San Diego, adds an interesting dimension to the issue. Even Hollywood plays a role in Submarine history. Each author is integrally linked to the United States Navy and its history, offering the reader an insider view, rarely glimpsed.

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