Mains'l Haul - The War of 1812-1814, The Pacific Campaign.

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Vol. 49: 3 & 4 
Summer/Fall 2013

The War of 1812-1814, The Pacific Campaign, offers a unique and lesser known view of the war from the Pacific perspective. Nearly all of the War of 1812 was fought along the U. S. East Coast, in Canada, in the Great Lakes or across the Atlantic. During the war, the fledgling U. S. Navy emerged as the key to victory amassing a record of stunning successes against the much more powerful Royal Navy. Similarly, a great many American privateers set to sea to destroy British commerce.

The Journal investigates how the War of 1812’s Pacific actions revolved around three primary events that helped the United States expand its prolific ocean-going trade into China and the East Indies; it built the momentum that would end in the United States dominating worldwide whale oil production by the 1830s, and solidified important American claims to land in the vast Oregon country that helped the nation reach its Manifest Destiny.